Amazing cottage weekend! No time on the water but biking and board games with the family, tinkering with a single board computer, food and walks.

I get stuck in cycles of work and silo my life too much.

Good to get out of all the cycles for a while.

Now I feel invigorated!...about trying to tackle (and maybe even deconstruct?) some of the silo's that were waiting for me at home.

Introducing my Fam to one of my top-10 of all time shows: PERSON OF INTEREST. The kids? Minds Blown by end of Season 1.

If you haven't watched it yet?

OH And stop reading now, ok?

If you've watched it, read this.

Nearly every country in the world has agreed upon a legally binding framework to reduce the pollution from plastic waste...except the United States.

I love those audio production firms that insist every communication between the author and the narrator go through *them* even when it mires hours of work in days of back-and-forth.

I mean...Iget it? You're scared they won't hire you again because you get paid for finding and hiring me, I guess. I wouldn't let the author talk to me directly either :)

Privacy isn't a right: it's a commodity sold by corporations.

The New York Times Privacy Project ironically proves it.

It's a site exploring internet privacy concerns but actually generates profit by MONETIZING ALL VISITORS with 3rd party tracking scripts.

If you're goal in life is to fit someone else's acceptable or -ugh- normative lens, you're cheating yourself out of what makes you happy and accomplished. You're cheating everbody else too.
So give yourself permission to let you be you.

“Real freedom lies in wilderness, not civilization.” Charles Lindvergh

I'm on the Dead Robots Society talking to Paul E Cooley about ways to own our content AND get it out there. I make a case it's time to plan ahead-apparently I even convinced Paul: DRS Episode 543 - Own Your Content!

A possible replacement for scrivener that is truly cross-platform I'm experimenting with WaveMaker here:

Ridiculously proud how I've miniaturized my backup recording studio.

This is literally a room under the stairs in a home near my main studio for those times I need a new place.

Like, say, during several WEEKS of water main reconstruction?

Catching up now.

‪I took a hard look at how I support artists & creators. ‬

‪I canceled support for some creators on to make lump sum donations or use @Liberapay to reduce the cut money-transfer orgs take from them.‬

‪I felt bad at first b/c they won’t see me chip in monthly, but got past my ego to see’em paid more.‬

‪So I’m running open & closed.‬

‪Linux, Mac/Windows.‬
‪Nextcloud alongside Dropbox.‬
‪Mastodon, FB & Twitter.‬
‪Riot, Slack &Discord.‬
‪AOSP not Android.‬
‪& my own mail servers‬
‪(hosted, I ain’t a masochist).‬

‪It constantly reminds me truth is a 3-edged sword-& not to buy into any ‘ism’s.‬

This is the way to deal with a security breach, but @twitter & @facebook can’t do it.
They serve stockholders first, not users first. Money comes before security.

“We have discovered and addressed a security breach. |”

RT @nprpolitics: NEW: “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing," President Trump said about the arrest of Julian Assange.


Much of this indictment appears to cover ordinary journalistic activity, like protecting sources. The indictment even casts the use of common free software tools like Linux and Jabber as evidence of a criminal conspiracy.
This is an alarming day for friends of press freedom.


I...lost an hour's worth of finished audio for a paid narration gig.




Closeup of the podcast art for The Winter Belt 17. (Out now for Patrons). Playing with colour thematically. You’ll soon be reacquainted with Martin Ladouceur, official effing scary dude.

So much work to do. So, so, so (deep breath), so much.

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